Who won the particular contest themes?

We thank all of you who participated the “Spin the beaded world“ contest. Take a look at the designs which won at the particular category.

Contest theme Winner's name Contest photos
PRECIOSA Farfalle™
Cabe Abril Sandoval Cabe Abril Sandoval
Cath Thomas Cath Thomas
Monika Wojdyla Monika Wojdyla Monika Wojdyla2 Monika Wojdyla3
Zuzana Ludvigová Zuzana Ludvigova
Giuliana  Verdelli Giuliana Verdelli
Pilar Andrés Gálvez Pilar Andres Galvez
Paula Banaszak Paula Banaszak
Kovács Ferencné ica kovacsne3
Leeanne Gray leeanne grayleeanne gray4leeanne gray5
Zuzana Ludvigová zuzana ludvigovazuziq handmadezuziq handmade2
Reni Bachvarova reni bachvarova
Sithara Alwyn sithara alwynsithara alwyn 4sithara alwyn 2
Cath Thomas cath thomascath thomas3cath thomas2
Paula Banaszak paula banaszak2paula banaszak3paula banaszak
Cabe Abril Sandoval cabe abril sandoval
Jana Shweiki jana shweiki jana shweiki2 jana shweiki3 jana shweiki4
Joanna Królicka joanna królicka
Nadezhda Kochukova nadezhda kochukova
Robin Halfmoon robin halfmoon
Sithara Alwyn sithara alwyn sithara alwyn2
SnowMirna aleksandra snowmirna lysenko
Antonia Pastore antonia pastore
Paula Banaszak kram pauli   kram pauli2
Linda De Filippo linda de filippo      linda de filippo2linda de filippo3
Lorena Pintore lorena pintore
Swetlana Fuchs swetlana fuchs

June                                                             PRECIOSA Thorn™                                                      

Andrea Van den Brande andrea van den brande  andrea van den brande3  andrea van den brande2  andrea van den brande4
Fatima Mensen-Potter fatima m p
Hilly Monzin hilly monzin
Marina Riefolo Nardelli marida design
Lena Baila lena baila
July                                                             PRECIOSA Villa™ Alicja Czapla‎ alicja czapla tag
Antonia Pastore antonia pastore2
Michela Baglioni michela baglioni firenze
Zuzana Ludvigová‎ zuz ka
Nadezhda Kochukova nadezhda kochukova  nadezhda kochukova2
Anna Krychina anna krychina tag
August                                                             PRECIOSA Pip™

Sithara Alwyn‎

sithara alwyn
Barbora Bílková‎ barbora bilkova
Carolyn Cave carolyn cave
Sarah Cryer‎ sarah cryer
Edita Kricenaite rebelsoul edita kricenaite
Meredith McKenna meredith mckenna2
Dalma Ménesi dalma menesi

Agnieszka Ochocka

agnieszka ochocka
Natalia Pelczarska tunimo natalia pelczarska
Chantal Rivals chantal rivals
September                                                            PRECIOSA Ripple™ Michela Baglioni michela baglioni 2  michela baglioni3  michela baglioni5  michela baglioni firenze
Barbora Bílková barbora bílková
Carolyn Cave carolyn cave  carolyn cave2  carolyn cave3
Renata Adamczak-Grzyb renata adamczak grzyb
Debora Hodoyer debora hodoyer  debora hodoyer2  debora hodoyer3
Mary Kearney mary kearney  mary kearney2
Laura Minacapelli laura minacapelli
October                                                            PRECIOSA Chilli™ Renata Adamczak-Grzyb renata adamczak grzyb
Mary Hughes mary hughes
Marina Riefolo Nardelli marina riefolo nardelli marina riefolo nardelli2 marina riefolo nardelli3
Ioana Ticu joanne ioana t joanne ioana t2
Sithara Alwyn sithara alwyn
Joanna Królicka joanna królicka2
Michela Baglioni michela baglioni firenze2
November                                                            PRECIOSA Candy™ SnowMirna aleksandra snowmirna lysenko  aleksandra snowmirna lysenko2  aleksandra snowmirna lysenko3  aleksandra snowmirna lysenko4  aleksandra snowmirna lysenko5  aleksandra snowmirna lysenko6  aleksandra snowmirna lysenko7  aleksandra snowmirna lysenko8  aleksandra snowmirna lysenko10  aleksandra snowmirna lysenko11  aleksandra snowmirna lysenko12
Anetta Głowacka Penczyńska anetta głowacka penczyńska  anetta głowacka penczyńska2
Carolyn Cave carolyn cave
Karolina Stańczyk karolina stańczyk
Marina Riefolo Nardelli‎ marina riefolo nardelli  marina riefolo nardelli2  marina riefolo nardelli3  marina riefolo nardelli4
Paula Banaszak paula banaszak  paula banaszak2
Swetlana Fuchs swetlana fuchs
December                                                            PRECIOSA Tee™ Zuzana Ludvigová‎ zuz ka
Aceto Valentina valentina aceto  valentina aceto2
Joanna Królicka joanna królicka  joanna królicka3
Carolyn Cave carolyn cave
Mihaela Ticu mihaela ticu
January                                                           PRECIOSA Hill™ Debora Hodoyer debora hodoyer  debora hodoyer2  debora hodoyer3
Joanna Królicka joanna królicka  joanna królicka2
Marlena Lena Migdał marlena lena migdał
Nadezhda Kochukova nadezhda kochukova  nadezhda kochukova2  nadezhda kochukova3 nadezhda kochukova4
Zuzana Ludvigová zuz ka