Thank you to everybody who took part in the PRECIOSA My Czech Beads 2015 competition, by means of which professional and amateur designers alike were able to display more than one thousand inspirational, interesting and unique designs created with beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand. The enthusiastic authors of the beads and seed beads were able to enter the competition every month and to create original designs on a given theme. Stella Lair, a designer of extremely original pieces, was the most industrious of all the talented participants who sent us their work every month.

We sent the winners, but also many other participants, almost 100 kg of beads and seed beads and many other small gifts throughout the year as thanks for their participation. We are very pleased to be able to share the gallery of all the competition winners with you.

icon flickr showThe gallery of designs by the winners of PRECIOSA My Czech Beads 2015

In next year’s My Czech Beads 2016 competition, we will once again focus on a given theme which will also be associated with a creative technique which is used in the world of bead working with beads and seed beads. The competition will be prepared for those who already know the given technique, but also for those who would like to learn it. You can look forward to well-known faces and their unique designs, which will provide you with a large amount of inspiration, ideas and experience.