Designer: Helena Chmelíková

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Materials and tools:

117 01 323; 2.5 x 5 mm; 00030/27501 ARGENTIC;
172x for the necklace; 38x for the earrings

plastev twin polozlato

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R8)
331 19 001; 8/0; 18581 gold;
323x for the necklace; 68x for the earrings

plastev rokajl 8 18581 x

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R12)
331 19 001; 12/0; 18581 gold;
6x for the necklace

plastev rokajl 12 18581 x

- gold metal parts; a chain with medium-sized links; an adjusting chain; rings made of thin wire; small rings; a carabiner; a butterfly back or earring hook; pear-shaped stones set in a cup (this can be replaced with pear-shaped beads on eye pins)

plastev material

- a thin needle; a 0.20 mm nylon line; scissors; flat nose pliers; snipping pliers

The procedure:

Sewing the honeycomb
The honeycomb can be divided into indivdiual cells; internal and outer cells.

The internal cell
String 3x T. Tie them together. Thread the line through the nearest hole of the T. String 1x R8. Thread the line through both holes in the following T. String 2x T. Connect the 3x T. String 1x R8. Connect 3x T in this way another 4 times. Add R8 3x. String the last R8. Thread the other 5x R8. Thread the line through the strung 6x R8 one more time. Thread the line through the hole in the T.

plastev zakladni sitiplastev vnitrni bunkaplastev vnitrni bunka b

The outer cell
Instead of the 3x T, string 2x T and 1x R8. In most outer cells, the 3x T are replaced in this way only once. In the lower central and lower side cells replace the 3x T twice. Replace the 3x T three times in the upper side cells.

plastev okrajova bunkaplastev okrajova bunka bplastev okrajove bunky

The connection of the other cells 
If the 3x T have already been sewn, only add the R8. Otherwise continue with the stringing by sewing 3x T and adding 1x R8. The connection of the internal R8 is undertaken in the same way. Carefully sew through the holes in the T several times.

Examples of connections

plastev ukazka pripojovani 01plastev ukazka pripojovani 02plastev ukazka pripojovani 03

the connection of the side

plastev pripojovani bok d

the connection of the centre

plastev pripojovani stred d

Connecting the R8 at the lower central and upper side cells
String 2x R8. Thread the line through them twice using the "right-angle" stitch. String 1x R8 on the left and right. Thread the line through the R8 on the cell. String 1x R12. Return to the R8 on the cell. Thread one end of the line through 2x R8 and the second 1x R8. Tie it off and sew it in.

plastev propojeni r8plastev zaveseni retizku f

Hanging the pendant
Thread a thin ring through the protruding R8 in the middle, the third cells from the middle and the sixth cells from the middle. Hang the pendant using a smaller ring.

plastev zaveseni prispevku a

The placement of the chains
Thread a thin ring in the protruding R8 on the upper side cell and on the second top cell. Connect the chains to them. Adjust the length according to your needs. Connect the second end of the chain with a small ring. Connect a carabiner on the right-hand side. Connect an 8 cm adjusting chain decorated with a ring with 3x R8 on the left.

plastev zaveseni prispevkuplastev zaveseni retizku dplastev celek 

The earrings
Sew four outer cells. Place them vertically. Thread a thin ring to the upper and lower protruding R8. Add a butterfly back or earring hook to the top one. Hang the pendant on the lower one using a small ring.

plastev nausnice d

plastev 03plastev 02