> Autumn / Winter 2012-2013 >

Company store and dispensing depots in Desna, will be 2 to 6 February 2015 closed due to inventory. Thank you for your understanding.

Autumn / Winter 2012-2013

Preciosa Ornela proudly presents fashion color and shape trends for fall/winter season of 2012/2013. This projection of glass color combinations together with a selection of bead shapes, sizes and decors opens the door for ideas and inspiration in creation of trendy collections made out of Preciosa Ornela Traditional Czech Beads.

Rays of sunshine illuminating dusty shades of golden leaves with frigid droplets of morning dew and spider webs. Soft mother of pearl yellow on crystal makes a fragile impression next to the gray and jet raw glass. Golden amber and copper tones contribute the air of luxury.
crystal, black diamond, dark topaz, anthracite, yellow mother of pearl, amber, capri gold

Rich palette of ripe fall freely throws around its plethora of colors and combines them into sophisticated compositions. Warm tonality full of scent and optimism enjoy utmost utility and luxury. Combined decors full of shine and sparkle express its emotional power.
coral red, olive gold, cinnamon brown, opaque red, pink, apricot

Delicate and clean pastels play with crisp minimalistic view of color palette of November frosty nature. Straightforward cool colors win over earthy natural tones which still defend its minimal role. Airy structures, elaborate patterns and decors illuminate simple elegance and extend magical playfulness to color restrain.
emerald, white matt, fir tree green, sandstone yellow, jet, duck blue, blue iris, chrome

Frosted purple of ripe fall colors reveals overly classical impression of dark grays and obscure tones of late harvest grapes mixed with rays of icy rosé. Crystaline structures of cut and curved bead surfaces contribute icy sparkle while powdery matt gray velvet softens the cool feel.
sapphire, icy rosé, steel gray, burgundy blue, bronze brown, color irises