PRECIOSA ORNELA a.s. | Newsletter 7 | July 2013

New bead products from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads | Zásada, Czech Republic | July 2013

Current new bead products from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand

PRECIOSA ORNELA presents its collection of beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand for the upcoming season of the second half of 2013. It especially emphasises two new pressed beads which together form an excellently combinable pair, PRECIOSA Pellet™ and PRECIOSA Thorn™.

The slim elongated shape of a glass thorn with dimensions of 5/16 mm, PRECIOSA Thorn™, supplements a series of fashion and popular costume jewellery accessories and unveils other options in the technology used during the production of pressed beads.
PRECIOSA ORNELA / project Bracelet of thorns
PRECIOSA ORNELA / project Echidna
Try using this bead in association with yet another new practical product, the PRECIOSA Pellet™ pressed bead, which has a shape which supplements many different types of beads and seed beads. The so-called interlocking effect is enabled by the central slimming of the glass cylinder in the 4/6 mm size which means that the individual beads interlock precisely during a simple stringing.
PRECIOSA ORNELA / project Soutache meanders

PRECIOSA Pellet™ a Thorn™ / video

Both of these beads therefore offer further adventures when searching for suitable combinations and connections with selected types of beads and seed beads from the existing PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads product range. They are especially excellent partners for both sizes of the PRECIOSA Farfalle™ seed beads.

Check out the relatively wide range of articles in fashionable neon colours in the bead and seed bead range. Choose from the excellent range of pressed beads which supplement and highlight the current trend of the popularity of tongues and sharp elongated shapes. Don’t miss the comprehensive range of the new table cut, fire polished beads.

Links to videos with individual cards

Card 2903
Card 2911
Flyer PRECIOSA Pellet™
Card 2904
Flyer PRECIOSA Thorn™